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Doll-in-one trays ( C CURL )

Doll-in-one trays ( C CURL )

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Introducing our revolutionary Doll-in-One Lash Trays, the ultimate solution for lash artists seeking versatility and efficiency!

We've taken the standard volume lashes and transformed them into a game-changing product that we proudly call Doll-in-One. With our Doll-in-One Lash Trays, you have the power to unleash your creativity and cater to diverse client needs like never before.

These lashes have been carefully crafted to serve as universal lashes, perfect for both classic wet sets and volume lash applications. This means you can say goodbye to stocking multiple types of lashes and hello to simplicity and convenience. The key feature of our Doll-in-One Lash Trays is their hair-like design that allows you to customize lash thickness, density, and style effortlessly.

Each tray contains multiple rows of lashes with varying complimentary lengths, providing you with a curated selection to choose from. Whether you prefer a natural, wispy look or a bold and dramatic effect, you can effortlessly create the perfect set of lashes for every client.

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